By using the smart door handles from Smartkey you can completely automate the check-in process. Door access code or direct electronic openning of doors is then available from the Alfred mobil app.

Fully self-service use

  • Automatic issuing of access codes with advance before guest arrival has to be set (usually midnight of the arrival day).
  • Every room in Previo is connected with Smartkey door handle and with door handles from common accommodation areas such as hall, reception etc. One access code then works for all common areas and also for the specific room guest booked.
  • Guests have to login to Alfred app in order to process the online check-in, online payment and refundable deposit (deposit is optional function). After everything is finished Alfred will display already issued access code for main door, all the common areas and finally for guests room.
  • Access code is valid only between the check-in and check-out time so you do not have to worry about early arrivals. Validity can be always manually adjusted in case you want to provide earlier check-out time in specific case.
  • Last minute bookings for current day are also covered. Code is then automatically generated right after the booking and is displayed to guest after all described criteria are met. This way you can accommodate all walk-ins without any assistance of your reception staff.

Partial self-service use (combined with receptionist)

  • Door system Smartkey can be used together with classic reception too.
  • Issuing of access codes does not have to be automatic. Codes can be issued by receptionist after guest arrival and payment might be also collected at reception.
  • Quite often the automation described above is used over night (so there is no need for night receptionist anymore) and during day there is a classic hotel reception openned.

We strongly recommend to talk through the exact use of the Smartkey door access automation with our sales consultants. Details can be finished later with out technician when establishing the connection between locks and Previo.