Meals settings

First you need to select which meals are provided by your accommodation facility. Click on the gear icon in the top left part of the Meals module. You will see the following settings:

In the first tab you can set several basic options.

First one is the most important and defines if you offer some meals at all:

  • Meals are not provided with accommodation or only from daily menu
  • Only selected meal is included in accommodation price
  • Guests can select from multiple meal options.

If you select one of the first two options you do not have to set anything else. If you select the third option you will have to set more pricing details for your meals.

In the second setting in this tab, you choose if you want to merge meal pricing with accommodation pricing, or if you want to create a separate item in room account for your meals.

Next setting is about room types and meals. You can select if:

  • Prices of meals are same for all room types – same meals for same prices are offered in all of your room types.
  • Prices might vary by room types – suitable when you offer meals only for some room types and for some not. Or if the prices of meals differ between room types / if the meal options are different between room types.

Meals configuration

In the second tab you will find a configuration of the content of the offered meals. Specifically, it is about setting up which meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the meal types on the arrival day, during reservation and on the departure day.

You can of course adjust the settings so that for example full board will start with lunch on the arrival day and will also end with lunch on the departure day (in case the default full board settings for dinner on the arrival day and breakfast on the departure day is not suitable for you).

Changes in meals configuration will only affect calculation of meals in daily overview and Overview reports and does not affect the reservations at all. In reservation you will as usual see the selected meal with its specified price.

Meal configuration settings is available only in case you offer multiple meal options or you have only one meal which is included in the price of the accommodation.

Meal rate plans

Your meals pricelist can contain multiple meal rate plans. These rate plans can be assigned to different rate plans in your accommodation pricing.

You can also switch between meal rate plans on the left side of the meals module, similar to switching between reservation calendars.

You can create a new rate plan using the green plus button. You will get basic meal plan settings, which are also accessible for already created rate plans through the yellow pencil icon in the top left corner.

Name the rate plan and select which meals are available for your guests.

Don’t forget to set a default meal type for your hotel profile. This meal will be preselected for both manually created reservations in your reservation calendar and also for booking online in Reservation+.

If you have breakfast included in the accommodation price and guests can order extra full board, don’t forget to check the “Free of charge” option for breakfast.

You won’t have to set any prices for “Free of charge” meal types.

In the lower part of these settings you can also choose if you want the same meal price throughout the year or if you want to set prices seasonally.

You can save yourself time using the constant price or you can select the second option and adjust the meal prices seasons.

Most complex setting is combination of seasons together with different meals per room types with different prices based on guest category. But thats really an extreme situation 🙂

A detailed description of both price settings is described here.