Can I find out who deleted/cancelled/modified a booking/price, etc.?

Each individual booking has its own history, which you can find in the third tab after opening the details of the booking. At the same time, the “User Activity” section in the “Reports” menu contains all the information about changes that have taken place in your profile.

If you are searching for a specific event, you can adjust the filter, e.g. by using a full-text search (booking number, document number, guest name, etc.), action date (i.e. we are interested in what happened yesterday morning) and the user who carried out the action (if we suspect an employee of dishonest activities).

There can be a large amount of filtered results (even just for one day). That is why it is also possible to focus on certain types of actions:

  • **Reservation **(adding/deleting/editing /….)
  • Payments (handling documents/payments, EET, etc.)
  • Commissions (approving/refusing commissions to partner servers)
  • Prices (price setup/modification/deletion, discounts, closed rooms, etc.)
  • Payments (only document handling with respect to payments)
  • Rooms and Room Types (adding/editing/deleting types or specific rooms)
  • Other (remaining recorded activity, e.g. housekeeping)

Upon clicking on one of the lines, information that was changed by the specific action are highlighted in yellow.