Reservation systems

This module contains list of all connected OTAs. You can also assign particular rateplans (RP) to single partners. This is the way how you can differ you prices and availability for different reservation channels.

Assigning rate plans

Each and every partner can have its own RP. In default setting (for new profile) all partners will use Basic RP. Non refundable RP is not selected because in new profile you do not have any and therefore its not being used.

In standard rate plan selection for particular partners you will see all RP with standard cancellation conditions and non refundable RPs will be listed in the second column.

Conditions of plan (standard/nrr) can be changed in settings of particular RP in Pricelist / Pricelist.

Cooperation status

Your cooperation with OTAs can have three different statuses. Status is visible in the right side of the list for each partner separately:

  • Active – your accommodation is being offered online
  • Inactive – your accommodation is not being offered online (cooperation might have been cancelled from your or partners side)
  • Waiting for PP – some partners use validation process before they activate the cooperation. After this status will be switched to “Active”.

Who are the Previo partners?

Previo partners are accommodation portals and tourist sites that can present your accommodation facility on a commission basis. Previo:

  • Warrants the contractual relationship between the two parties
  • Provides the booking technology and system for both parties
  • Identifies which guests actually consummated the stay and accounts for the commissions
  • Ensures the invoicing and commission collection

How to start cooperation

Bookings can only be brokered after the technical cooperation between each individual partner and the accommodation provider is activated in Previo. Cooperation is subject to the signing of a Framework Agreement. Some partners only present those accommodation providers that have their commission cooperation activated.

Hotel ranking on the portal

Partner listings of hotels correspond to special ratings of accommodation providers. This is a set of criteria that is explained on the separate ratings page. The hotel ranking (e.g. in a city) has significant effect on the number of bookings!