Exchange office

The currency exchange module serves for the independent management of all executed currency exchange transactions. Transactions can be carried out in currencies, which are enabled in your profile in the Settings/Prices section and in the Currency and exchange rate sub-section.

In the cash desk, currency exchange transactions are recorded together other cash payments. However, the transaction type differs, so the transactions do not enter the financial reports.

The currency exchange module itself is divided into several sections. Let us start with the currency exchange settings, which are located in the upper right corner. There are three sections in the settings:

Numbering currency exchange documents

Setting up buy rates

Only if you do not use the rate of the CNB – see the other “Setting up the currency exchange” section. When using the CNB rate, it is not possible to input your own exchange rate.

Setting up the currency exchange

It is here that you set up you exchange commissions for all transactions. The size of the commission can be set as an absolute value as well as a percentage.

Other factors that you can set are rounding transactions and mainly the used exchange rate. If you use the CNB rate, the currency exchange does not consider manually inputted values in the previous setting. When setting the hotel’s rate, the manually set exchange rate is respected.

You then also set openning hours of exchange office. You can use openning hours of reception from Settings / Hotel / Amenities or you can write the working hours manually.

Information will be included in all issued exchange documents.

Currency exchange

The left side of the currency exchange module has filters that can be used to search for specific currency exchange transactions, e.g. according to date, currency of the transaction, or the client requesting the exchange.

Above the table of individual currency transactions, you have the possibility of exporting the filtered transactions into a PDF table and a special summary report for CNB. Initiate the export by pressing the printer button.

You can create the actual currency exchange transaction by clicking the icon with the green plus sign. Enter the amount, which the client wishes to exchange. The application automatically calculates your commission for the entire transaction, tenths and hundredths rounding and the total amount to be paid out to the client.

The person that initiated the exchange (i.e. a specific client) must be identified in the lower portion of the window. It is possible to use autocomplete, which is linked to the guest database, or to enter a new client.

You are then presented with an overview of all executed transactions in the table (or just a portion as per the applied filters). If you want to cancel an already existing transaction, you must cancel it by pressing the button with the red cross on the very left of the given transaction.


Cancelling the transaction will not delete it from the currency exchange. However, it will create a second reversed transaction linked to the original transaction. At the same time, a reverse transaction in the given currency is also created in the cash desk.

After cancelling the currency exchange transaction, this entry can no longer be modified, but it remains in the form of two entries in your exchange summary: the original transaction and the cancellation, which is highlighted in red. The picture above shows the situation well in the first two lines: the transaction of client Jakub Hrdý.

The first entry recorded receiving EUR 30 for CZK 675, with a commission of CZK 75. Later on, this transaction was cancelled – the client was refunded EUR 30 and he returned CZK 675.