Key guru boxes can easily replace your reception night shift and take care of late arrivals.

How does it work?

  • Keyguru boxes are connected to wifi and access codes are generated online. Everything can be managed from your Previo account.
  • Typical situation: receptionist is leaving the hotel, before he leaves he needs to generated access codes for remaining late arrivals. Previo will automatically assign available boxes within a Keyguru box and receptionist will place keys/access cards from the rooms inside.
  • Advantages of direct connection with Previo: codes doesnt have to be send separately and manually to each late arrival. Guests can display them by their own in Alfred mobile app.
  • For displaying the access codes for the Keyguru box some conditions must be met. Usually complete check-in process and payment is a must.

Fully self-service use

  • Keyguru boxes can work as self service. In that case number of boxes inside Keyguru box should be same as number of your rooms.
  • In settings individual boxes has to be permanently connected to specific rooms (for example box number 1 will always keep the keys from room number 1 etc.
  • Then when its clear which boxes will contain keys from which rooms it gets very simple. Once a day receptionist needs to fill in boxes with proper keys.
  • Keys are placed also in boxes which are mapped to rooms without any arrivals for particular day. If there will be some last minute reservation which will meet the conditions (check-in + payment) Previo will automatically generate code for Keyguru box and pass it to guest in Alfred app.
  • Self service use can also be set in a way that PIN code is valid for the entire length of stay. This function is very handy in case you are using so called gatekeeper for access to the accommodation object. Guests will be able to leave the keys in boxes during their stay in case they dont want to carry them arround.