Alfred is fully prepared to cooperate with Smartkey, Salto lock systems and Keyguru keyboxes. Therefore guests can access their room using the key saved in the app.

All access “keys” are loaded during the checkin. Section “Key” then contains either access code which needs to be inserted manually or possibility of openning doors using bluetooth technology (depends on the lock type).

Validity of key is always set by reservation date including check-in and check-out time.


If your accommodation uses PIN locks from Smartkey Keyguru boxes, Alfred can easily pass the codes to the guests.


In module you can find all settings of connection between Alfred and your lock system.

  • Automatic issuing of PIN code x days before arrival (it is not about sending code to guest, its about issuing it automatically and saving it in Previo in assigned to guests reservation)
  • Allow direct openning of lock from Alfreda app – allowing this function will allow your guests to open electronic lock by one click in Alfred app instead of rewritting the lock pin code manually.

Conditions for getting the access to room

In order to get key, check-in for all guests has to be filled in for all guests in reservation.

If hotel uses connected payment gateway there is other condition that the reservation balance should be zero. There can be two exceptions when the reservation will be considered as paid or partly paid.

  1. OTA payment – if the reservation was prepaid on OTA (Booking, Expedia or all items in room account will be marked with OTA owner in room account of reservation. All items in room account marked with this “owner” will be considered as paid.
  2. Payment by invoice – companies usually have some contracted conditions with some companies which might include later payment. This can be set for specific companies in company database and assigning this company to reservation will trigger pop-up window asking if you want to assign company as the owner for all items in account. If you confirm reservation will be considered as paid in the same way as was described above for OTA payment.

If there are some items which are not marked with owner company/partner Alfred would ask for payment of these not assigned items.

When all conditions are completed, Alfred will display the PIN code or the general access in the Key section.