Descriptions will be displayed in your presentations at czech reservation OTAs. Only creates its own unique descriptions from these ones.

You can fill in all of these descriptions in various language versions (using flag icons):

  • Short hotel descriptions
  • Detailed hotel description
  • Room description
  • Reception opening hours
  • Gastronomy
  • Surroundings description
  • Transport accessibility
  • Other information
  • Special events and offers

We recommend to fill in at least short and detailed hotel description. But it is up to you how detailed information you want to provide your guests before their stay.

In second tab of this settings you can add additional text in the header and footer for every step (four booking steps plus the fifth and last step with the booking confirmation) of the booking process in our RESERVATION+ form. You just have to always choose to which step and to which part of it you want to add text.

In last section you can set your own text to be displayed in the guest accommodation card (plus the usual adding of custom language versions).

The last section applies only to clients who are using a payment gateway in connection with Previo PAY or are using an integrated payment gateway with another bank than ČSOB. When linked to a payment gateway, you can send clients a link to make an online payment directly from their booking.

You can define the text of the informative email requesting the payment (including language versions) in the Email Text List. When sending a link for online payment, the predefined text is prefilled to the default view, whereby you can still edit it before sending.