Length of stay / Arrival and departure restrictions / Minimal reservation advance

Length of stay

Restriction which allows you to set min and max length of stay during selected period. For example you can set min stay for 7 nights during high season etc.

Restriction can be used generally for all room types or you can set different min/max stay restrictions for each and every room type. This setting can be changed in general pricelist settings.

Arrival / departure restrictions

If you would like to have only reservations starting on saturday and ending on next saturday during selected time period you can use arrival / departure restrictions. You can use these restrictions together with Length of stay restrictions.

Setting this is really simple, you just need to decide on which days guests are allowed to arrive / leave your accommodation facility.

If you for example want only reservations from sunday to sunday, you can easily use group setting. There you set that monday till saturday are not arrival nor departure days. Therefore guests will only be able to book sunday – sunday.

Minimal advance for creating reservation

Third type of restriction is minimal (time) advance for creating a reservation for particular day. Restriction can be set separately for each room type and also as one value for all rooms.

Minimal advance for creating of reservations works only for several partners which are able to accept this restriction. Basically its working in our booking engine RESERVATION+ (and all partners which use this booking engine) and from channel manager partners for Booking.com. Information about restriction is also included in API.

Probably the most common use of this restriction will be automatic closeout of non-refundable rate plan. NRR is lower than standard rate and you would probably like to stop offering it 2-3 days prior arrival (there is no point of offering non-refundable discount just a few days before arrival because clients who book last minute usually wont change or cancel their bookings).

Lets explore this example. This is my offer for todays date. My hotel still offers standard and also cheaper NRR which is not neccessary.

Lets set restriction of min.advance for non refundable rate. This will close sale of our NRR 3 days prior arrival automatically and only thing left in our offer will be classic standard rate plan.

Save the newly set restrictions and lets check the current booking options for todays date in IBE. Only booking option will be using the standard rate plan.

In the same way you can closeout your sales based on the openning hours of your reception by setting the hourly min.advance for booking of particular day on that day.

Min.advance settings is completely same as in Booking.com extranet. You will write down the value and letter H (hours) or letter D (days) or both together. If you write down 36 (without D or H) we will transfer it to 1D 12H automatically. Set time period is calculated from the midnight of that particular day.

Again lets see some examples:

  • For 10th of March we use restriction 6H (6 hours). We calculate it from midnight of 10th of March. Which means that we will be able to create new reservations for this day only until 18:00 (midnight minus 6 hours). Rooms would become impossible to book from 18:00 onwards.
  • For 20th of March we set restriction of 1D 6H (1 day and 6 hours). Meaning that guests will be able to book reservation for 20th of March until 18:00 on 19th of March. Creating of reservation (for 20th of March) will be impossible from 18:00 on 19th of March onward.

Min.advance can be set directly in the pricelist chart, but because its a restriction which will probably set for longer period we strongly suggest to use Group setting.