How to use online payment gateway

How to use online payment gateway

First you need to allow online payment method. Go to Settings / Online Booking / Payments section of the menu. You will have here a new Payment card option for online payments.

Then you need to set:

  • Status for reservation with not finished payment
  • Status for reservations after unsuccessful payment
  • Due date of the online payment link (expiration time)
  • Document type which should be issued after successful payment

If the payment is processed successfully reservation is automatically switched to Confirmed status.

In the upper part of the payment methods chart you select the amount of advance payment.

More information about allowed payment method options are available here.

Online payment in Reservation+

If you set everything correctly we can move to your IBE Reservation+. Fourth step of reservation will contain new payment option.

Client will be automatically redirected to the website with payment gateway. In case of successful payment new reservation will also contain issued document with payment. Both client and you will receive confirmation email about the payment with the document in the attachment.

Payment request by email

You can also send an online payment request from any reservation. In room account tab in payments section you click on “create payment prescription” button.

New window will be openned where the total price of all unpaid items from room account will be listed. Price can be also manually adjusted in case you require only partial advance payment.

You can provide your guests several extra payment options like credit card guarantee or bank transfer. It is completely up to you. In the same way you can allow only online payment. Guest will recieve the email prescription and he will be able to select from available payment methods.

Next you can adjust the expiration date and guest email will be prefilled automatically if its filled in the reservation details.

Text of the email can vary depending on allowed payment methods (+ it can be modified in Settings/Labels and translations).

By saving this window you will send the email to guest with predefined payment prescription. Guest will receive following email:

Client will click through and in next step select prefered payment methods (from allowed options).

Reference number of online payment

All payments made in online payment gateway are listed in web payment administration POS Merchant. Reference numbers are assigned by bank.

Automatically issued ADVs (in case of succesfull payment) will use this specific RN generated by bank. Numbering method of this document will follow your numbering settings in Previo.

Unfortunately we cannot use our RN for this kind of payments like we can do in case of payment terminals.