Data import

Data import is not a problem for us. For small charge we can import to Previo your:

  • Guest database
  • Company database
  • Reservation database

For price details of the imports contact your sales representative.

We do NOT import:

  • Documents and payments (and therefore also the information about payment status of imported reservations – that needs to be done manually).

Import is one time action and always takes place at arranged time and date. Meaning customer cannot ask for additional data import of data which were created in original external software or old Previo profile after the import was already finished. These additional changes (e.g. new reservations) has to be added to new profile manually. Therefore its vital to start using your new Previo profile as soon as possible after the import is finished (at the latest next day after the update).

Also please contact us with your import request at least two work days in advance. We need to check the import files and coordinate neccessary adjustments in them. See more information about this topic bellow.

Process of the import

We only import information which are included in the import template file (see bellow) and only the data which are filled in in this file. Most important data are arrival and departure day of reservation, room and total price.

  • Name of the room must 100% match the name of the room in your Previo profile. The match in name must be really for 100%, name of the room cannot be just similar.
  • Price of the reservation is imported as one item of “accommodation” type. This imported price item will be grey in room account and can for example be only the remaining price to be paid for this reservation. We do not transfer multiple items into room account of reservation even in case they will be somehow separated in the import file – we always transfer one item with total price.

If you have already arranged with us that reservations from and other OTAs will be downloaded directly through channel manager, it is also vital to remove these reservations from the import file in order to avoid duplicate entries.

If the reservation import file contained only the guest names during the import we will create new record in guest database for this guest which will contain only the first and last name no matter if guest with same name already existed in guest database.Guest cannot be automatically paired based only on first and last name.

On the other hand, if the reservation import file also contains guest ID, during the import we will search the guest by this ID and guest in reservation will therefore contain all guest information which were present in the guest database import.

Every imported reservation will always have system note „Imported from the file“.

Import files format – IMPORTANT!

Bellow you can find a link for ZIP file with 6 csv or xlsx files.

Each import has its DEFINITION file which describes structure of the import template, defines the columns and possible values.

Second EXAMPLE file is template for the import file. File contains several examples of how guest / company / reservation data should be structured and prepared.

Templates can be downloaded here.

It´s neccessary to stick to accurate format of the template!

If you would like us to import some other data or you couldn´t provide us csv file in correct format, we would have to estimate time demands of your specific import and therefore price would be higher.

For more information contact our sales consultants.