Use of value voucher online

Value gift vouchers can be used online in RESERVATION+. If you do not use value gift vouchers we suggest you to study following manual articles first:

Accepting of gift vouchers online has to be activated first. You can activate this function in documents settings in Coupon tab.

Value gift vouchers can be used for both classic reservations or stay package orders.

Following text will show you how everything works from the guests perspective and we will also add short info about restrictions on the use of value voucher.

Using voucher in R+

Guests with value voucher can use it during the reservation process. Gift voucher number can be filled in to the same field as discount coupon (which means that guests cannot use discount coupon and gift voucher at the same time).

After use of gift voucher we calculate its value into total price and guest can go on with his reservation. Gift voucher value is then mentioned in the final price summary.

If the gift voucher does not cover the entire reservation price, rest has to be paid according to the payment options of the hotel.

From hoteliers point of view

If you open reservation which was created using the gift voucher you will see a short note about it in System note section.

Room account of such reservation will contain gift voucher plus all related documents. Meaning there will be always a proforma invoice and gift voucher (in case it was ordered online) or proforma, advance payment document and gift voucher (depending on your settings – check the articles at the beginning of this article).

Account can also contain other documents which might be related to remaining payment of the reservation price.

In opposite situation with gift voucher for 5000 CZK and new reservation created with price 3000 CZK we will assign the voucher to reservation and then its completely up to you how you will arrange it with the remaining part of the gift voucher value.

Restrictions for using the gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are only one time thing. When used we of course check several things first before we calculate the discount:

  • If such gift voucher even exists in the profile
  • If the voucher wasnt used before – meaning if it is not already linked to other reservation.
  • Gift voucher expiration date – gift vouchers bought online has expiration date set to 365 days from the day of purchase. For manually created gift vouchers the expiration date can be changed manually (default expiration time can be set in documents settings in Coupon section).
  • Payment status of gift voucher – voucher and related documents (proforma/advance payment document) has to be marked as completely paid.