API access

API (Application Programming Interface)

To connect all your subsystems together you can use our API.

API works by using the predefined methods / requests which allows you to get almost every information from Previo and transfer it to your software. It can also work the other way around. You can use predefined requests to send some information into the Previo.

We are having four API documentations:

  • XML – general API which provides all basic information about hotel and also possibility to send / edit reservations and work with its room accounts.
  • EQC – API for sending rates and availability to Previo and also for downloading reservations from Previo.
  • REST – similar to XML only in JSON format. Currently REST api does not include all the functions which are included in the XML API.
  • POS – API for restaurant software connections

Documentations are available here:

How to get the API access?

API is additional, paid service. Current pricelist of this service is available on our website.

For getting the API access please contact your sales representative or reach us at info@previo.cz. Before the actual purchase of this service we are also able to provide you free api access which you can use to check the basic functionality for limited time.