Own SMTP or using ours?

Mailing needs to have proper SMTP settings (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

SMTP setting for most of the providers is described on their websites. Also maybe the easiest way how to find out correct settings is to contact your hosting provider (domain/email address). They will know the best what needs to be filled in in SMTP settings in Previo.

We highly recommend using your own SMTP although there is also another option how to use mailing (in smaller scale) without any SMTP settings.

Without SMTP setting but less effective

You can skip the entire SMTP setting by unmarking the “Use SMTP” checkbox in the upper part of the mailing setting.

Not using own SMTP means that our provider of web services (Stable) will be sending the emails for you.

Let´s see the advantages and disadvantages of not using your own SMTP.


  • Setting is not neccessary. You can start creating and sending your mail campaigns right away.


  • Previo will send emails from Stable (our provider) in your name -> higher chance that the mail will be labeled as spam when it reaches the final recepient.
  • Number of sent emails is limited. If you are sending one time campaign with higher number of recepients, you will be warned that sending of such campaign can be charged for extra numbers of sent emails.
  • We do not guarantee that every email will be delivered. This service is therefore free of charge and available for all our users.
  • Sending might be delayed -> as mentioned above this is a common function for all our clients. Therefore if there will be more mailing campaigns activated at the same time, they will be all listed in the same queue which might lead to significant delays in delivery.