Incorrect price/availability/reservation

If you find out that your rates and occupancy in Previo differ from your global OTAs presentations, please contact our customer support.

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What should you check before you call/write us?

Ve velké části případů se může jednat pouze o nesprávné nastavení některých dodatečných funkcí na extranetech portálů. Zkontrolujte si prosím vždy tyto věci:

  • Connection is established and active – you have already received email from our connectivity team that reservation portal XYZ was succesfully connected and the connection is live.
  • Stand alone rate plan for Previo Global – clients often forget that they have special rate plan for global OTAs and they adjust only prices in standard rate plan. Prices from this rateplan are not being send to global OTAs. Same thing happens with occupancy, if you close rooms for sale only in your standard rate plan, same rooms will still be offered at global OTAs unless you close second rate plan aswell.
  • Pricelist is set in more than one currency – clients often have pricelist in both CZK and EUR and they forget to update both of them simultaneously. We can send price in only one currency, so if you update the not connected currency prices, there will be no change in global OTA prices.

What information do we need from you?

In order to check what is wrong we need you to provide us some basic information. If we do not have these, we will not be able to search for what happenned. Before you call/write us please prepare following information:

Incorrect availability
  • Accommodation name (or your Previo ID)
  • Certain date(s) with incorrect availability
  • Certain room(s) with incorrect availability
Incorrect prices
  • Accommodation name (or your Previo ID)
  • Certain date(s) with incorrect price
  • Certain room(s) with incorrect price
  • Reservation number which arrived to Previo with incorrect price
Not downloaded reservation
  • Accommodation name (or your Previo ID)
  • Information email about reservation from OTA (with reservation number)
  • Precise time when the reservation was created
  • +Manually recreate the reservation. Reservation will block the certain room and date and we will not receive any overbookings in the meantime. We are usually capable of redownloading the missing reservation which can be placed in your reservation calendar later instead of the manually created one.