Configuration setting

The entire configuration process is completely managed by our channel manager support team in our internal CRM which is not accessible to our clients from the outside.

First we need the hotel ID and login credentials from the accommodation provider and then we can start with connection process.

Our support team communicates with the client to specify which particular room types from D-EDGE should be mapped to which particular room types in our PMS. Same thing applies to rate plans. Once all is clear and verified, we can start with mapping.

We do not map extras (extra services). We only download and place them into reservation account with service price and ID of the service.

Credit cards are downloaded automatically and origin of the reservation is also transferred to our PMS (more information in following sections).

Planning management

Availability: can be changed from both Reservation calendar and Pricelist. In calendar you can close/open rooms for sale clicking with right mouse button in the calendar. You can also do the same thing in pricelist where you can close/open rooms for particular days/seasons or using the bulk settings where you select on which dates you want to change occupancy.

Rates + Restrictions: after mutual agreement with D-EDGE and clients we will distribute only availability. Rates and restrictions data are not being send to D-EDGE pro Previo PMS.

Booking management

All bookings are downloaded automatically to our PMS. Every downloaded booking (hotelier is notified by email about new reservation) is also automatically confirmed to D-EDGE via API (we do not send confirmations only in case there is some internal connection error and we were not able to download reservation properly).

Once downloaded reservations are automatically assigned to reservation calendar (+ cancelled reservations are still visible in the reservation list and can be retrieved and placed back to calendar).

Access to reservation calendar and list is through main menu.

Hotel can also use setting called “floating reservations” which means that new reservation is not automatically placed to particular room in reservation calendar but remains “floating” until user places it to particular room. Occupancy of booked room type is updated even before the reservation is placed to particular room.

We have a special setting for situations when guest makes a booking for room type which rooms are available for the entire length of the reservation.

Let´s see model situation. We have three double rooms with several reservation. Our hypotetic guest wants to make a booking for 1.8. – 11.8.2020. In general we have one double room available for every day. On the other hand room no. 2 is available only until 5.8. and room no. 1 is available only from 5.8. Therefore one particular double room is not available for the entire length of guests reservation. But we send information that there is 1 available room from 1st to 11th.

There are two possible settings. We can split the reservation and fill in the blank/available rooms with it. Or we save the reservation to status “waiting list” and inform the hotel about it in email. Emails contain information that the reservation was not placed to calendar and is saved in waiting list, waiting for hotelier to rearrange current bookings (in booked room type) in order to place the new “waiting list” reservation to calendar.

Both options are described in our manual.

Reservation detail once downloaded looks like this. All necessary booking information are visible: date of booking, guest information, partner, reservation note, etc. Price is visible in the second tab “Room account”.

Automatic credential management

Hoteliers login credentials are saved in our internal CRM. So the only way how to set/change them is to ask our channel manager support team to do so.

If hotelier changes his/her password, they should let us know about the change. Connection will not work properly using the incorrect password.

Same rules apply when there are some changes in room types (change of room type capacity / room type is deleted / new room type is added etc.). In these situations additional changes in mapping has to be made from our support team based on the information from hotelier.

Availpro mapping retrieval

As mentioned in “(2) Configuration settings ” entire mapping process is prepared in our internal CRM by our support team which is in touch with the hotelier / client to ensure that the room types from D-EDGE and Previo PMS are mapped and connected properly. Same goes for rates.

Also as mentioned in previous sections, we download the reservations from “the main” OTAs” (like Booking.com) to our PMS with OTA logo and partner name. Reservations from “smaller OTAs” are downloaded with D-EDGE logo and partner name. However reservation source (OTA) is then mentioned in the reservation note.

List of “main partners” which are “recognized” by our CHM is following:

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • HRS
  • Hostelworld
  • Agoda
  • Szallas
  • Airbnb
  • Hostelbookers
  • Bookassist
  • Upper / Profitroom
  • HostelsClub
  • Budgetplaces
  • Hotel.cz
  • Ostrovok
  • Odigeo

Retrieve and pilot of channel pools

We do not work with channel pools in any way. As described above, we only distribute availability to D-EDGE itself and D-EDGE distribute it further to connected OTAs.