Price settings options

At the top of the Pricelist module you find the button with cogwheel icon for setting the key system parameters for the price calculation.

This general setting will be used for all of your rateplans.

Pricing policy

First you select if you want to use occupancy based pricing or pricing for entire room (no matter how many guest will stay).

Setting applies for all of your rooms. It is not possible to use different pricing policies for different rooms. Of course it is possible to use occupancy based pricing and for example for double room you can set the same price for one and also two guests in the same room.

Accommodation services configuration

In the following section, you then set how the accommodation service items will look in the reservation account. You can specify whether the item will include the name of a specific room or room type, or whether this information will not be included at all.

For specific accommodations, there is also an option to set the default VAT rate for accommodation services. By default, the corresponding main rate is of course preset to which the provision of accommodation services falls in the specific country.

Restrictions for min/max stay length, possible arrival/departure days and min advance of reservation

All types of restrictions can be set same for all rooms (by seasons) or separately for every room type (by season and room types).

You can combine different options together. For example restrictions for length of stay can be set separately for every room type and possible arrivals/departures can be same for all room types (and vice versa).