Market codes

This section contains basic administration of all your market codes. Market codes are very similar to guest labels. Only difference is that market code can be assigned to reservation and not to one certain guest.

You can mark specific types of reservations using the marked codes for example:

  • Weddings
  • School trips
  • Corporate clients
  • Teambuildings
  • Conference
  • etc.

Market codes can be created directly from reservation detail (write them down and confirm with enter) and you can also predefine them here in this section and assign them to the reservations from its detail.

Codes can be also adjusted or deleted using the icons in right part of the overal tab with all market codes.

Where can I use market codes?

  • They are one of the search and filter criteria in Reservation list
  • You can use them while generating Manager reports (occupancy/reservations/finance)
  • When you hoover mouse over reservation in calendar you will see at first sight to which group of your clients guests belong.