Stay packages

What are stay (and spa) packages?

A stay package is any complex product of the accommodation provider that includes multiple services or even just one service and which meets the following criteria:

  • It includes accommodation for a predetermined number of nights
  • It has its own name, description and possibly photo
  • Its price is defined for the entire stay, either for a certain room type or for each individual person
  • It is offered under more favorable conditions than regular accommodation in the same time period or cheaper than the simple sum of the relevant individual services
  • It differs from regular accommodation, it has a special attraction (the purpose of packages is not to sell weekly stays in winter when no other accommodation is sold anyway)
Examples of stay packages:
  • Valentine’s stay for two for two nights in a romantic room and with a candlelight dinner; price per room
  • A medieval festival stay of three nights with price X for each person in a Standard Double Room
  • Extended weekend Thu-Sun (three nights) at any time during the summer holidays for two adults and two children for the total price of Y and salt cave tickets; price for 2+2 apartment
  • New Year’s stay with party, midnight toast, live band, fireworks, all five nights; price per person
  • Regeneration wellness stay for seniors (unique set of massages and procedures), for seven nights at any time throughout the year; price per person

The names and contents of the packages can be freely chosen in the Previo system by the accommodation provider.

Creating a package

A package is created in Settings -> Stay Packages. In addition to the basic information (name, description, photographs) you also set up:

  • Number of nights – fixed number of nights for a given package (if another number of nights can be booked, create a separate package for it)
  • Starting days – on which days of the week can the stay begin

And on the second tab “Dates & Prices”

  • Dates – the range of dates for which the package can be booked (the date range may overreach the package range itself, e.g. for the whole of month of May Mon-Thu stays can be ordered for a cheaper price)
  • Prices by room type – can be used for limiting to a selected room type (for rooms, for which you didn’t set prices, the package will not available); the price can only be set in the hotel’s default currency; the price can only be determined for adults

The end date for a package means the last possible day of departure. This is a different concept compared to seasons, where the end date May 31 of the season means that a guest who arrives on May 31 and leaves on June 1 still belongs to this season and pays the price accordingly. While for a package with the end date of May 31 the guest really must leave by May 31.

Package content and upsale of additional services

In third step of settings select which predefined services will be included in the certain stay package.

You can also select which services can be ordered extra with the stay package. Guests can order these additional services in third step of their booking in IBE.

Content of the package can be then unmerged in room account.

The use of packages

Packages will be offered online:

  • In distribution channels in cooperation with Previo (Previo partners)
  • On websites of the accommodation provider, if he is using the Reservation+ booking form

The package can be booked just like any other stay and its capacity is limited by the available capacity of the accommodation provider in the Reservation Calendar.