Previo Global serves to link the booking system with global booking sites. Usually, it is a two-way interconnection, where both parties exchange data, and new bookings are downloaded to the Reservation Calendar in Previo; therefore, they need not be entered manually.

Linkable sites

In order to connect to a global booking site, one must have a complete registration with the site, i.e. have a functioning profile. The interconnection then rests in creating a link between your profile in Previo and the profile on the booking site. The most commonly connected sites are:

A complete list of all linkable servers can be found here. Some smaller portals can be limited in the option to connect. Please contact us before registering and confirm the connection limits with the given booking channel.

Connection Process

  1. Agreement with the sales representative and payment of a one-time invoice
  2. Request log-in details for individual portals
  3. Mapping (creating the connection) and clarification of possible ambiguities with the client
  4. Email with information regarding the completion of mapping and agreement on the launch time
  5. Launching the connection and sending an information email
  6. Client check of the connection (+ possible modifications to the connection)

In points 1-5 (until the interconnection launch is announced), it is necessary to manage prices and occupancy manually in the extranet of the specific server.