At the very beginning you need to make registration at Expedia. Important thing is to select pricing model. Prices can be set per rooms or per person.

If you would like to change the pricing model after the registration, contact Expedia and they will make the change for you (you do not have access to this setting after registration is done).

Do not forget to inform us about this change so we could adjust the connection from our side.

Which data can we transfer to Expedia?

  • Occupancy and prices (including NRR)
  • Discounts (first and last minute, special prices)
  • Restrictions for length of stay and arrival/departure days

How to set up connection with channel manager

After logging to Expedia extranet, move to section Rooms and Prices. Then select Expedia Connection settings and Previo as connection provider.

After this is set please send us your Expedia profile ID number.

Commissions settings

There are two ways how Expedia collects its commissions for mediated reservations.

  • Hotel Collect – accommodation provider collects the entire price for accommodation from guest. Commissions are being collected by Expedia at the end of the month.
  • Expedia Collect – guest pays full price of accommodation directly to Expedia. Expedia bank transfers the money to the accommodation provider. Total sum is decreased by commission sum.

If you decide to change commission model, contact Expedia and also do not forget to inform us. We need to adjust the connection settings after this.