Dashboard is located in Manager reports and also under third icon with graph in left part of the upper menu.

This module is separated into more info tiles which will be editable in the future. Each user should be able to create its own dashboard from provided tiles.

Each tile usually allows you to click through certain system module where you can find additional information about provided results.

Let´s explore tiles in more detailed way.


Revenue is total sum of all payments received during selected date (cash, payment cards, bank transfers).

Revenue does not calculate with cash operations such as cash withdrawals / subsidies or exchange office transactions.


ADR (Average daily rate) is calculated from total price without VAT for occupied rooms in selected date divided with number of occupied rooms in selected date.


RevPar (Revenue per available room) is calculated from total price without VAT in selected date which is divided by number of all rooms on selected date.

New reservations

This tile informs you about number of all reservations from any source created on selected date. You can also see comparison with the same date of previous year.

Room occupancy

Two graphs show you occupancy of selected date and also the summarized occupancy of the entire month.

Room can be occupied (with reservations), available and closed (stop sale in reservation calendar). If you have room occupied with reservation and also “stop saled” it will be calculated only to occupied rooms.

Daily overview

  • Arrivals – how many check-ins is still to be done – all reservations in option, confirmed and others status which start today.
  • Departures – how many check-outs is still to be done – all reservations in checked in status which are ending today.
  • Ongoing – number of ongoing reservations which does not check in/out on selected date.

If you see 12 / 15 arrivals for example, that means that you have already check-in three new reservations and you are still waiting for the remaining twelve. Same story for the departures.

At the end of the day you should have for example 0/20 arrivals and 0/10 departures.

Current prices

Prices here are the lowest prices of accommodation for 1/2/3 people in some of your available rooms in selected date. If you hover the mouse over the price, you will see a hint with certain room type name.

Price is displayed based on available rooms in selected date and the lowest price for certain amount of people is used here.

Monthly occupancy

Graph shows you numbers of reservations for each day of selected month and compares them with numbers from previous year.


This tile works only with current date – there would be no sense for other dates here because it shows current cleaning status of your rooms.

Number in the middle informs you about amount of still to be cleaned rooms.


  • Cancelled – number of cancelled / no show / deleted reservations which were listed in selected date.
  • Waiting list – number of waiting list reservations which which are in selected date.
  • Expiring options – number of option status reservations which expire on selected date.


  • Opened – number of tasks which are not solved yet and also not currently being solved
  • Solved – already closed tasks.
  • Being solved – tasks which are currently in progress of being solved.