How to use Credit note?

In case you are refunding a client money, you must also issue a credit note to complement an existing tax document. We recommend coordinating the process of issuing a credit note with your accountant/bookkeeper to eliminate confusion in the documents and refunds.

It is not possible to issue a credit note without a link to an existing document. It is also possible to issue a credit note only for the following document types:

  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Advance payment document

The credit note always states which document it refers to, i.e. which document it aims to “repair”.

The credit note itself can be issued in three ways

  • From the Payments / Accounting documents section
  • From room account of certain reservation
  • From already issued document

If you are issuing a credit not from the Accounting documents or from Room account, the system always asks which specific document you want to credit, which also corresponds to the aforementioned point – that a credit note must be issued in relation to a specific incorrect document.

If you are issuing a credit note by editing a document, the window with the selection of documents is not presented since you are already crediting a specific (currently open) document.

All the items from the incorrect document are automatically entered into the credit note at a negative value. All that is left to do is to modify the payment method, i.e. how the money will be refunded to the client, and to save the credit note (or to save including payment – which will directly show in the specific status of the payments as per the payment method).

For accounting purposes, the credit note must be signed (or stamped) by the client receiving the refund. The credit note must also include the date the client signed the document.

The client should at least send you the completed credit note electronically in order for it to be registered in your books. You will not spoil anything if you ask the client to return a physical copy of the credit note.

As was mentioned in the beginning – we recommend consulting the process of issuing and processing credit notes in advance with your accountant/bookkeeper.