Mailing – general information

The module allows for automated mailing campaigns, sent to all guests or only a selected population on the basis of applied filters (gender, country, number of stays, guest tag, etc.).


All emails are sent from your email account. That is why you must assign your own email address to your Previo account. There is no need for a complex configuration; all you need to do is fill in the email address and password that you use for logging into your email account. The system takes care of the rest. You can find the settings in the upper left section by clicking on the “Settings” icon.

Creating email campaigns

The system contains four types of email campaigns:

  • According events – This campaign is connected to a specific event (Creation, Start and End of booking, Option expiration). It can be arranged that the email is sent out a specific number of days before or after the event.
  • Periodic – Do you want the campaign to be sent out every Monday or third day of the month? Then this is the right choice. It is suitable for sending out weekly restaurant offers.
  • Birthday – If you want to send your guests best wishes on their birthday
  • One-time – Traditional mailout for a one-time campaign. E.g. sending information about Easter stays

In the second step, you can filter a selection of recipients. There are several conditions thanks to which you can choose the perfect clientele most likely to respond to your campaign. You can combine filters, so you can send the campaign to all women that have stayed with you more than once, and are only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The third step is the creation of the email itself, where imagination knows no boundaries. You can also choose to use the prepared templates by clicking on this icon.

You can create emails in different language mutations and the system itself will make sure that a guest from Germany will receive an email written in German. If you are sending an email linked to an event, you will surely appreciate the option of inserting booking information (arrival, departure, price, voucher number, etc.). You can insert this information into the campaign by clicking the “P” icon (variable).

Do not forget: the most important thing is to send the right email (especially with the ideal content) at the right time and to the right person.


If you use a traditional email client (Gmail, Seznam, etc.), each provider has a certain limit for the volume of sent emails during a specific time frame. For example, Google’s Gmail limits the number of sent emails to 2,000 per day. You can find more information about Gmail limits HERE.

However, if you have more clients and you would like to address them all, we offer the possibility of using our SMPT server, which allows mailouts even for very large hotels. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or contact your sales representative.

Frequently asked questions

Q:How often and when you send campaigns “according to events”?
A: Every 30 minutes (at :00 and :30) we check if there are some new reservations which match some of the campaigns criteria. If there are some, we place the email to the queue for sending.

Last check is being done 10 minutes after midnight for possible reservations created between half past 11 and midnight.

Q: How does the “according to events” campaign works with one day before arrival settings?
A: For reservation starting on 30.8. we will put the email to the queue at 00:00 on 29.8.

If the reservation is created for current day, time condition cannot be met and we won´t send any email to the guest.

Q: How does the “according to events” campaign works with “zero days after the reservation is created” settings?
A: If you have email address in guest accommodation card filled in email will be send during the first check after saving reservation at :00 or at :30.

If you fill in the email later during the day when reservation was created, email will be also send during nearest check.

If you fill in the email address in following days after the reservation is created, email won´t be send at all. Because this reservation does not meet time condition for sending the campaign (email was filled in too late).

Q: When and how often are “periodic” and “birhday” campaigns being sent?
A: We check these campaigns every day at noon and emails are then placed into the queue.

Q: What do you mean by “emails are placed into queue?
We can´t send thousands of emails for all hotels at once. Emails are therefore listed in a queue which is shared by all hotels and are being send step by step.

Every minute we send 50 emails from the queue.

Q: What if I send email to a guest and during the same date I change the guest or his email in the same reservation?
A: Periodic check for placing new emails in queue works with internal guest id/number in our database. If you switch the guest who has already received email today with another guest (with filled in email) this new guest will also receive the email (after periodic check at :00 or :30).

If you only change the guest email in his guest accommodation card email won´t be resend (because guest internal id/number remained the same).