This tab contains full list of your communication with guest from Previo system. Module is very similar to nearby Reservation history and if you take a closer look you will see that all “communication” events are also listed in the history to provide complete view on reservation history.

Communication filters only the emails and sms which were send to the guest. Both manually or automatically sent emails are being logged here including mailing campaigns etc.

Sending direct email message from reservation

In the upper left corner you also have the option to send direct email message to guests from reservation. Guest email will be prefilled as well as default email text (can be set in Settings / Descriptions and Other tab). Footer will be added to email from Settings / System / Email.

Before actual sending you can send yourself a preview version. And of course body of the email can be edited as you want.

Communication is currently only “one way” module. Replies from guest will end up in your mailbox and not in reservation detail. In the future we plan to improve this module and one of the options will be connection of your mailbox directly to our hotel software in order to receive and log replies inside the reservation communication details.