General information

If you don’t already have a certificate for electronic sales recording (EET), you can apply for it either in person at any Financial Administration office or obtain it through your data mailbox. For the second option with the data mailbox we have prepared a simple guide (only in czech) for you.

For sending receipts, you have to enable EET rights for all users who will work with them in Settings/Users. If a user does not have these rights enabled, they may issue receipts, but these will not be sent to EET and also the receipts will not carry the FIK code and other requirements needed to correctly record sales.

In the video tutorial below, we’ll show you how to upload your EET certificate to Previo, including filling in the branch ID. The next part of the video shows how to issue receipts and send them to EET.

EET videomanual (only czech version) is available here.