Reservation detail

You can set all possible parameters of reservation in the Reservation detail tab.

Let´s see what you can set here:

  • Reservation date – reservation will adjust by changes made in this section. If you change the date available rooms will be automatically adjusted in the Room section bellow.
  • Reservation status – altogether you can select one of the 8 statuses. Reservations in option, confirmed, checked in, checked out and others status are displayed in reservation calendar and therefore they block the room for further bookings. Three remaining statuses (, waiting list, canceled and no show) are not being displayed in the calendar, therefore, they don´t block rooms for new bookings and you can find them in Reservations list.
  • Assigned reservation – unchecked means that the reservation is currently not being assigned to a particular room, which means it only blocks the capacity of the room type and waits for being assigned to particular room.
  • Lock / unlock room function – prevents any changes in selected room. Reservation cannot be moved to any other room and is marked as pinned in reservation calendar.
  • Room – shows available rooms in a selected date. Manually closed rooms are also visible in the selection.
  • Company – this section is connected with your Company database. If you already had guests from a certain company you can easily select it from the suggester and you don´t have to write down all billing information again.
  • Partner – a partner who provided the reservation. You will see the name and graphic icon of a certain partner.
  • Reservation source – an optional section where you can select if the reservation came as walk-in, was ordered by phone, etc. Reservations from OTAs are automatically marked with OTAs label. Bookings made using R+ are marked as web pages.
  • Contact person – usually person who made the booking (can be different from guests).
  • Market codes – “labels” for reservations. You can filter by market codes in reservations list or in manager reports. New market code can be added by writing down its name and pressing enter.
  • Notes – all additional information about reservation which are also visible in reservation hint in reservation calendar. Altogether 4 types of notes Reception, Kitchen, Housekeeping and non-editable System note.
  • Voucher – reservation number and the possibility of creating accommodation/confirmation voucher. Voucher can be also send by email directly from reservation detail.
  • Date and time of reservation creation – in the top right corner
  • Reservation PIN code – for access to Alfred mobile app for hotel guests.
  • Lock / unlock any changes in reservation function – in the lower-left corner of the window you can find the function which will lock the reservation for any changes reservation parameters etc. Unlocking can be restricted by user permissions.
  • Credit card – full CC details can be found under this button in the lower-left corner of the window (in NRR reservations for example). You can forbid some users to see CC number in user settings in the Settings / Users / Roles section.
  • Fast check-in – fill in complete information about all guests in reservation here. More information about working with accommodation cards can be found in the following section.