Cleaning (Previo module)

This module offers a comprehensive overview of clean rooms. The left column has filters, which allow you to narrow your selection. You can filter results according to:

  • Room type
  • Rooms (specific rooms within individual types)
  • Room status (clean/unclean/inspection)
  • Users (i.e. according to rooms, which are allocated to a given user)

The table with the filtered results shows:

  • Specific room
  • Occupancy of the given room at the current date
  • Departure/Arrival – whether any of the room bookings is ending/beginning at the current date and time of check-out / check-in (based on the default setting of these times in – Settings/Hotel/Basic, or modified departure and arrival times for the specific booking)
  • Number of guests in the booking and room
  • Night / Total – information about the specific night of the given stay
  • Nationality – nationality of the guests in the booking
  • Defects – information about reported defects in the given room
  • Status – clean status (clean/untidy/inspection). You can switch between individual statuses in this last column, which then appears in Previo’s Reservation Calendar as well as in the Housekeeping app.

You can find Settings on the right above the table. It is here that you can allocate specific rooms to specific users, who will be responsible for these spaces.

The last option in this module is the creation of an overview of filtered data in PDF/XLS format. You can find this option on the left above the data table, under the printer icon.