What is correct process for guest registrations?

This is the ideal sequence for entering data about accommodated guests:

  • (Guest had already prefilled all information in advance using the online check-in)
  • Upon arrival, the guest presents his/her document to the receptionist and is accommodated.
  • The receptionist uses Previo and enters all required data into the guest card.

The next time the guest passes by the reception desk, the receptionist returns his/her document and provides a printed guest card, which the guest checks for correctness and confirms it with his/her signature (or its already esigned from online checkin)

Therefore, there is no need for the guest to fill in the guest card including all addresses, document numbers, etc. Moreover, you already have some data, e.g. email and phone number, from the booking.

If this process seems slow, you can start using our online check-in.