Detailed information about transferring prices

Which currency is used when prices are sent to the servers?

Prices can be sent in any currency; however, this currency must be enabled in Previo Settings/Pricelist/Currency and Exchange Rates and filled in the price list (in the column of the corresponding currency).
Most of our clients often use CZK and EUR price lists, in which case you can choose which of the selected prices (in different currencies) will be sent to the foreign servers.

Some servers require the price to be sent in EUR (e.g., i.e. if you have only completed the CZK price list, we must translate this price to EUR. This calculation is not governed by the exchange rate set in Previo (that rate is only for calculating currencies within Previo). Rather, it uses a fixed exchange rate, which we establish for each profile with our channel manager. At the launch of the interconnection, we set a fixed exchange rate value as agreed with the client (usually, the negotiated value is set at a level where the exchange rate has recently been situated).

If you are interested in changing the fixed exchange rate for your facility to a different value, please contact us and we will modify the settings.

We will conduct and mass and automatic modification/update of the exchange rate twice a year – in March and September. The exchange rate will be set at the value applicable at the beginning of the given month.

We will always send you a reminder about the future value of the exchange rate a few weeks before the update is to take place. If you would like to keep the exchange rate, please respond to the informational email, which will be sent out, and we will not include your profile in the update.

Are discounts set up in Previo transferred to the servers?

  • Special prices and revenue management servers accept the special prices as standard prices, i.e. they are not shown as special prices just like in Previo (a crossed out standard price and the new special price next to it). Transfer of these discounts can be disabled.
  • First- and last-minute discounts (transfers can be deactivated, but you must inform us).
  • Discounts for long-term stays are not carried over, but most compatible sites allow for manual setup for such discounts

My prices are not the same across servers. What could have caused this?

If you receive a warning about not adhering to price parity, we recommend forwarding this email to Previo, and our team will investigate the source of the problem. There can be a number of reasons:

  • Difference in exchange rate – sometimes there is a price calculation from Previo-to-server, and then the server translates this price into different currencies. This is resolved by adjusting the exchange rate
  • Breakfast – some servers offer rooms with breakfast included, others without breakfast. The client addresses these settings on the extranets
  • Discounts – some servers can have discounted price plans and other do not. For example, if you are using a non-refundable price, you should have this available on all extranets.

How are currency translations and price transfers addressed when dealing with currencies other than CZK?

Prices for servers are taken from the original currency setup in Previo. If you are offering rooms on one of the servers in a currency other than the original currency, the prices are then automatically translated using the current exchange rate of the given server. If you want to transfer prices in a currency other than the original currency, please let us know and we will adjust the interconnection settings.

Sending non-refundable prices and prices for a lower number of persons in a specific room

We always send the standard price plan prices and occupancy as it applies to the full capacity of the given room. If you want to transfer non-refundable prices to a specific booking site, or if you wish to offer and sell a room at a lower price if the number of occupants is lower than the room’s capacity, there are two options:

  • Automatic deductions – create new price plans on the specific server (non-refundable/1 or 2 persons in a triple room, etc.). The new plans will be linked to the standard price plan, where Previo sends availability and prices.
    The price of this derived new price plan will refer to the standard price plant, but a certain deduction/upcharge will be added depending on how you configure the specific price plan.
    This option is more favourable with respect to the fact that there is no need to transfer large volumes of data for all the price plans to the server (see below). Only information related to the standard plan are sent, so the entire transfer process is faster.

  • Connected price plans – create new price plans on the specific server (non-refundable/1 or 2 persons in a triple room, etc.). They will be connected to the channel manager. After creating the price plans, please inform us about them; we will download these price plans and connect them to the specific room/price/occupancy in Previo.
    In this way, for example, the specific server will receive only the exact non-refundable price for a double room just as you have set it up in Previo, or the server can receive prices for 1/2/3 persons in a triple room just as you have set it up in Previo.

We always recommend consulting the creation of price plans with the specific booking server. Do not forget to contact us after creating or modifying the existing price plans so that we can adjust the connection on our end. Otherwise, we do not receive any information from the given server regarding the creation of a new price plan.

Can I continue to adjust prices in the servers’ extranets?

All prices and occupancy are transferred from Previo. You continue to have access to the servers’ extranets, and so you can change prices and occupancy directly on the server. However, if you change one of the values directly on the extranet, sooner or later it will be overwritten by a value from Previo. Although it is possible to continue changing prices/occupancy, we strongly recommend against conducting this practice.