Foreign guest register

This section allows you to generate lists of accommodated foreigners in the UNL file format and automatically sends it to Immigration police.

There is no need for you to manually rewrite guest information into the Ubyport app. The only thing you have to do correctly is to set this section up, consistently mark foreigners in bookings, and properly fill out their accommodation cards.

This manual is divided into five sections:

  • Overview of foreign guests register
  • Foreign guest register settings
  • Reporting
  • Confirmations of delivery
  • How to send correction of foreign guest list to immigration police

Overview of foreign guests register

This is how the basic overview of the foreigner guestbook looks like: you can see all foreigner registration entries including information about the period of time over which they were created and how many foreigners the given report contains.

  1. Create new foreign guests list.
  2. Foreign guests register settings.
  3. Adjustments of already created foreign guests list. Here you can also generate the UNL file or send the list of foreigners directly to immigartion police.
  4. Display/print confirmation of delivery in PDF.
  5. Fulltext search of guests by surname, document or visa number and their address.

Foreign guest register settings

First, you must enter your accommodation facility’s ID number into Previo. You will receive this number from Immigration Police. It is an IDUB code and an abbreviation for your accommodation facility. Input this data into the Settings section . If you do not have these data, you must request them from Immigration Police.

If you want to send reports of foreigners directly from Previo you need to have access to so called “Webová služba Ubyport” (Ubyport web service).

Most of you will already have IDUB and abbreviation assigned so you just need to send Ubyport web service access request. Send your request to

You can also send request using your data box or ask for it personally.

Do not forget to state your accommodation name and address, IDUB and abbreviation in your request and also mention that you will be sending reports from Previo system.

Immigration police should generate and send you all neccesary credentials which you need to fill in to your Foreign guest register settings.

Credentials are special login name and password (UNL login and password in our system) which are not the same login details that you use when logging to Ubyport website.

In foreign guest book settings you do not have to fill in Contact field and in User section fill in the precise name of your accommodation (which is also mentioned in the document from immigration police with other login information).


We now have two options. All our rooms and apartments are located at one address, i.e. they are registered under one IDUB and abbreviation.

If we have apartments at different addresses, we should register the individual apartments and foreigners under various assigned IDUBs. Therefore, we uncheck the “Use the same IDUB for all rooms” option. Then we create more identifiers and assign the right apartments to them.

If you have completed the above-mentioned data, you can move to the actual report creation by using the button with the green plus sign (2) in the upper left section above the table. Now you have two possibilities from where you can source the data for the report intended for Immigration Police.

  • Creating the report from booking data in the Reservation Calendar. In this option, you must select the time frame for which the foreigner report should be created.
  • Creating the report from an existing sheet of the guest book, which also sources data from bookings in the Reservation Calendar; however, the sheet in the guest book can be edited (delete/edit some data, etc.).
    We can then also select IDUBs that are to be included in the generated report.

After selecting one of the aforementioned options, a new guestbook sheet of foreigners is generated. It looks like the following:

The guestbook sheet automatically lists all the guests during the filtered time frame (whether it is from bookings on the Reservation Calendar or from a specific registration sheet), which have a nationality other than Czech, in a table. If all the required guest information (name, date of birth, address, citizenship, document number and type + travel visa if applicable) is filled in correctly, you can click on the icon that sends list of foreign guests to the immigration police directly from Previo (1).

Second button will generate a UNL file with list of all foreigners which will be saved to your computer. You still can log in to Ubyport website and upload the file manually (2).

Missing information about foreigners can be added to the table retroactively, or directly into the booking of the specific guest’s card (via the pencil icon on the right in the given line). When information is added to the table, information is added only into the guestbook sheet and not into the actual guest card (and booking). When adding information to the guest card, one must update the created foreigner guestbook sheet with the new information (3).

If there is some information that is missing, red exclamation marks appear in the given fields in the table. The inform the user about incorrectly completed entries (4). In this case, it would not be possible to create the export UNL file. The reason is simple – Immigration Police would return the incorrect foreigner report, saying that the reporting responsibility was not duly fulfilled and that it is necessary to complete the missing information.

Automatic reporting of foreign guests to UBYPORT

Every evening at 23:00 automatic reporting will check all arrivals from previous day and if there were some foreigners, guest book will be automatically generated and send to Immigration Police.

Sometimes reporting can go wrong. All the neccessary foreigner information wont be filled in or there might be some correction needed from police.

Therefore you also have to fill in email for receiving confirmations of reporting. You can choose if you want to receive confirmations for every report or only for the ones with any flaws.

Incorrectly reported guest book needs to be corrected manually which is also stated in send email. Confirmation of delivery from police might be also attached (see bellow).

Correction can be made by adjusting/completing certain guest book and its manual re-sending to Immigration police (see bellow: “How to send correction of foreign guest list to immigration police”)

Confirmations of delivery

If you send reports directly to immigration police you will receive the information if report was send correctly.

If some data will be considered as incorrect by the immigration police you will be informed about this fact by alert message.

Confirmation of delivery from immigration police also contains detailed information about send data and it also includes the information which data were accepted and which were not.

Next part contains specific information about not accepted records about foreign guests.

Next page contains all correctly sent and accepted records.

Always rather check the delivery confirmation after the reporting to immigration police!

How to send correction of foreign guest list to immigration police

The data you will send to immigration police might be considered invalid/incorrect/etc. You will know this from the alert message and also from the details in the confirmation of delivery for certain foreign guests list.

In this case you need to correct the data by sending it once again to the immigration police with correct and full information about the guest(s). Therefore you need to adjust all incorrect information in the sent foreign guest book and resend it. You do not have to create a new foreign guest book for same time period.

When sending the same guest book again only the not yet registred records will be send. This will prevent sending duplicate records.

You will receive a new delivery confirmation which will contain information about corrected guest records which will be marked as correctly accepted.

Resending of foreign guest book will actually just correct the previously unaccepted guest records.

Special situations

  • Residence permit – when using this type of document do not forget to fill in permits number. When sending we will move the information about permit and its number to note section. And we will also automatically write down “Pobyt” to VISA number section.
  • Theft / loss of document – also do not forget to fill in the number of this document. We will also take this information and the number and place it to note section.
  • Diplomacy staff – if you have guest with document issued by Czech foreign department for diplomatic staff select this option. Number of document is not neccessary and we will transform this document type to note automatically.