Online payment gateway

How to start?

  • Contact our sales consultant and he will provide you with neccessary documentation
  • Documentation will be passed to ČSOB. Bank will prepare the contract for you.
  • You will sign the contract in selected ČSOB office.
  • ČSOB will activate payment gateway in integration environment.
  • We will establish and test the connection between Previo and ČSOB and we will go through some test payments
  • Payment gateway will be switched to production environment.

Online payments only work in profiles with active Reservation+.

Alternative payment gateways

We are also able to connect other payment gateways from different providers other than our contracted partner ČSOB. List of the possible gateways is following:

  • GP WebPay
  • Česká spořitelna
  • PayU
  • GoPay
  • Besteron
  • Tatra banka
  • DIBS
  • PayPal
  • Realex
  • QPay
  • Saferpay – SIX payments
  • SimplePay