Other functions

Check-in functions

Basic information about online check-in are described in other section of our online manual. Let´s see the other details and functions connected with check-in.

  • Collect signatures – allow guests to confirm their online check-in with electronical signature. Signature is then attached to reservation and is automatically used when priting guest accommodation card.
  • Collect covid certificates – ask your guests for covid certificates during the online check-in. They will be able / or forced to upload a covid certificate during the online check-in process.
  • Scan IDs in Alfred – fasten the check-in process by providing guests the option to scan their documents. Information will be loaded from the scanned picture of document and guests can adjust the information after the scan. Scanning of document takes only few seconds instead of manual rewritting of all information from the ID card manually.
  • SMS check-in requests – you can also send sms check-in request to all guests with not filled in accommodation card one day before arrival. This is a paid service and you can differ if you want to send SMS requests only to guests from V4 (CŘ, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) or to guests from all around the world.
  • Deactivation of check-in confirmation copies for hotel – if your guests are used to check-in online, your mailbox is probably flooded with copies of the online check-in confirmations. You can easily disable sending of confirmation copies to hotel email here.

Check-out functions

  • Check-out – it is up to you if you allow your guests to check-out from the accommodation using the Alfred app. After check-out is made, reservation will be switched to “checked-out” status.
    • Minibar consumption – when checking out guests is asked about his/her minibar consumption which is then added to room account. It is vital to have stock items correctly set with “minibar/minibar meals/minibar drink” segment.
    • Inform guests about check-out function – if you would like your guests to report the moment when they are leaving the room, you should consider activating the function which reminds them about check-out option. Alfred can send automatic emails asking to proceed through check-out process on the check-out day and you can also set your own mailing campaign for it.
  • Reservation cancellation – you can also allow guests to cancel their reservation through Alfred app. You and the guest will also receive a cancellation confirmation.
  • Change date of reservation – guests can also change the date of their reservation (prolong/shorten/change completely) if you give them this option. Option is not active for non refundable reservations, reservation under valid cancellation terms and conditions and also for bookings created via OTAs. More information can be found here.

Online payments

Alfred can also collect your payments for you. If you are using integrated online payment gateway.

Green option

Guests can think ecological and skip their daily cleaning of the room from Alfred.

Cleaning for upcoming day can be skipped before midnight.