Booking minute reservations from room account

This article will describe how to use service connected to hourly facilities in case guest already has a accommodation reservation and will only buy some extra service which needs to be added to his room account.

Add a new item to reservation account and selected specific service from the suggester. In our case Reflex massage.

You will be asked to create related hourly reservation for this service. Confirm the pop-up.

Next thing you will see is another pop-up window for settings parameters of the hourly reservation.

  • Service will be preselected based on the service you have added to the original account.
  • Date will be preselected to the arrival day and time of the original reservation but you can change it as you need (even outside the reservation date in case the guest will use the service after the check-out for example).
  • Section “Customer” will be automatically preset to “from reservation” and the reservation number of the original reservation number will be preselected.
  • If the service belongs to specific guest from the reservation you can mark it with this person. For the room account purpose the items owner will be set to selected guest

New hourly reservation will be automatically merged with the original reservation and window of the new group reservation will appear after saving.