Use of contingents

For this example we will use this contingent:

Our contingent blocks 2 from 3 room in Standard double room category from 1.11.2018 until 30.6.2020 for specific company. Expiration is set for 5 days.

How contingents works?

1) Company uses its contingent

Company confirms reservation of one Standard double room for date which is blocked by contingent. Reception creates the reservation in calendar and states the company name in it.

Available rooms tab will change now. We have one from two blocked rooms occupied by reservation mentioned above. On the other hand we still have second room blocked by companys contingent.

In case I would create reservations for remaining two rooms in this category with non-company reservations I would get different numbers. Available rooms would show me that I still have 1 remaining contingent and Available for contingents would show me -1.

Reason is simple, I am still supposed to block one of the rooms for certain company, but all of the rooms are already occupied and company has made only one (of two possible) reservations.

2) Online blocation of rooms

We use the same contingent as in the first case. Two rooms are blocked by contingent and therefore we offer only last remaining (not blocked) room online.

3) Expiration

Expiration date informs us about the date when blocked rooms will be returned to our standard online distribution (IBE, global OTAs, etc.).

Lets say that todays date is 14.11.2018 and expiration of our contingent (for two from total three rooms) is set for 5 days. Our Reservations+ will show only one room for reservations with arrival day from 19.11.2018. In case arrival day is more than 5 days away we will have two (of the total three) rooms still blocked by contingent which has not expired yet.

Situation will change for reservations with starting date when the contingent is already expired. Lets use same todays date 14.11.2018. For example for reservation with arrival day on 16.11.2018 all three rooms will be available for sale. Contingent has already expired and all blocked rooms were released to our standard sale (Reservation+, czech partners, global OTAs).