Q: If I want to change a document already sent to EET, do I have to re-register my sale operation?

A: If a receipt has already been sent to EET and you need to change some part of it, there are basically two situations that can occur. If you change the invoice number, the vendor’s VAT ID, the currency of the receipt, or change the amount (i.e. modify the amount in the receipt or add new items to the it), the receipt will be canceled in EET after you save the changes and a new receipt is uploaded with the current information. But if you change other items on the receipt, no cancellation or resubmission take place.

Q: Where do I enter the branch number and where do I find it?

A: You find the branch number (ID) on the Financial Administration server. Once you have it, fill it in in Previo under Cash Desk -> Receipts by clicking on the settings icon on the EET tab. You can find more information in the video tutorial that we have prepared for you.

Q: Previo reports an error for the VAT ID, but I’m not a VAT payer and I don’t have a VAT ID, what should I do?

A: For the EET system, the TIN is a mandatory item, that’s why, the Financial Administration automatically assigns a TIN to all entities. You can see your VAT ID right after signing in on the EET homepage. Then fill in this TIN in Previo under Settings -> Hotel -> Contacts.

Q: What is the virtual store ID?

A: The virtual store ID is used to report sales made on your website. In Previo, you only fill it in if you are using the Booking+ booking form and an online payment gateway. This means that a client can order and immediately pay by card. In such a case, the system sends him automatically a receipt for the paid deposit. And on such a receipt appears the virtual store ID.

Q: How to record sales in foreign currency?

A: A receipt that is saved in a foreign currency is automatically converted into CZK using the rate that is set-up in Previo and is recorded in Czech Crowns.

Q: How do I cancel a receipt and is there a time limit to do this?

A: You can either delete the receipt, or you can edit it, whereby you find in the bottom part a button to cancel EET sales. There is no time limit in which an EET receipt has to be cancelled.

Q: Can I prohibit receptionists from not sending EET receipts?

A: Yes, click in Settings -> Users on the details of the user and disable on the tab “User rights” their rights to edit and delete “EET” receipts.

Q: What if the transmission of a receipt to the Financial Administration fails?

A: If the connection with the Financial Administration servers doesn’t work within five seconds after pressing the Save button, the receipt is saved and the EET cash desk goes into the “to send” mode—you can print the receipt for the client as usual, whereby the PKP code (signature code of the business) instead of the FIK code appears on it. Once the connection with the financial server is up again, Previo automatically sends all saved receipts waiting in line. Previo will be trying to send such receipts for 48 hours. After 24 hours, it will send you an email alert.

Q: What kind of receipts are recorded in Previo?

A: In Previo, all payment receipts are recorded with exception of bank transfers, and advanced payments which are not a tax relevant operation. All receipts that should be registered will show in the bottom part a ticked field called “EET”.

Q: What if I completely loose Internet connection, but my client wants to get a receipt?

A: If the Internet is down, even Previo will not work as it runs in a cloud (on the Internet). At this point, you will have to issue a paper receipt to the client and record the receipt immediately after the Internet is up again. We recommend, to install a USB modem with mobile Internet as a backup for your regular Internet connection.