Reservation reports will provide you vital information about numbers and total price of your reservation sorted by various criteria. Let´s see most important filters:


First “Operation” filter is for selection of which facilities you want to report. Meaning if you are interrested in number of reservation for your hotel rooms or for example wellness facilities etc.

Report type and Split work together and more or less define X and Y axis for your report overview.

If you select same report type in both you will get simple tab with results – for example report by partners (which generated the reservation –,, Reservation+, etc.)

You can of course combine more different reports together. For example you can create report by partners (above) altogether with report by booked rooms.

Result will show you numbers of all reservations from your reservation partners and which rooms were occupied by them.

There is huge amount of filter combinations and we highly recommend you to go through this section and see which reports will be right for you.

Display units means how the results will be displayed. If it will be number of reservation, their total room account sum, average daily prices, etc.

Then you can filter by dates, reservation statuses, reservation payment statuses and also by market codes which can be assigned to reservations.


Results of your reporting can be usually displayed in three different ways. You can have the results in column or pie chart. Last option is most understandable result chart.

Results can always be exported to PDF or XLS file.

Favorite filters

Similarly to Occupancy reports you also have here your Favorite filters. Star button above the results allows you to save currently set filter criteria or apply some of the already saved filter.