This table contains a list of predefined roles for users, i.e. predefined user rights sets.

You can edit a role using the right button with the yellow pencil or delete it with the red cross button. You can also add a new role with the green plus button left top above the table.

There are four sections to set up:

General: Only the name of the role for subsequent assignment to a particular user

Modules: Selection of modules or sections in the top menu bar in Previo that will be enabled for the given role. You can choose any combination of enabled modules or also choose the predefined role for Manager or Receptionist, which already have preset certain rights combinations (which still can be completed by clicking on additional rights from other modules).

Actions: Here you set up rights for specific actions that the user can perform in the enabled Previo modules. The settings are divided into three tabs. They are rights for work with reservations, rights for work with documents and finally rights for all other actions (e.g. guest books, guest database, reviews, user settings, pricelist etc.).

Again, you can use the predefined roles of Manager and Receptionist and you can still add other rights manually.

User rights are now much more minutely structured. In the Reservations section e.g. you can now set up for users not to have any access to bookings with selected statuses (they will not be able to create bookings e.g.). This can be used in a situation when you don’t want the reception to anymore interfere with already completed and consummated bookings, by simply removing the right to change bookings for the Finished status.

You can also limit the rights to change the guest account. For example, a user may not be able to create a new item. If they want to add something to the guest account, they always must choose from the services or items defined in the prompter etc.

Do not forget to set permission called Display payment card. This permission should be given only to trusted employees who are supposed to work with credit card details (preauthorization etc.)

On the second Accounting documents tab, the division of rights is also more detailed now. You can enable a role to work only with certain document types for example. You can thus disable any issuing of credit notes, including any other editing thereof (see print screen below), for the reception. You can also disable later editing of specific types of documents: The reception is able to issue a new document but cannot edit and change it afterwards.

The last section “Other” refers already to actions that can be performed in other enabled modules. As mentioned above, this can be setting prices, the authorization to work with cash payments, creating and working with stock items, adding to the hotel registry for foreigners and editing etc.

WARNING: Remember to always set the rights for the user role for both MODULES and ACTIONS! If you set the authorization only for the module, the user with this role can access the respective sections in Previo, but he will not be able to work with this section in any way.

Allowed IPs: On the last tab, you can limit the possibility to log in from other than the permitted IP addresses for the given role. This is mostly used for temporary workers, to prohibit them to log in to Previo e.g. from home. Logging in can thus be done only from the specified IP addresses, which are usually the IP addresses from which the user logs in at your accommodation facility.